Joeamah Geomatics Consult Limited has always pursued the best of geographical information in a total system approach and is dedicated to collection, storage and processing of geographic information through integrated application of the latest technologies of surveying.

The company undertakes all surveying projects with regard to;


Cadastral surveying

Photo Identification and Ground Control provision for Photogrammetric Mapping

Survey for Land Title Registration, Planning Scheme/Layout, District Boundaries, Stool Land, Family Land, Farmland etc demarcation.

Topographic surveying

Hydrographic survey

Survey for dredging and construction of power barges and dams.

Transfer of data between CAD Systems and Geographic Information Systems.


Training in the use of Global Position Systems, Total Stations, Data Loggers and Software Packages for Surveying and Mapping; e.g. Autocad, microstation, PC

Preparation of Base Maps for the preparation of planning schemes, Road Survey for Geometric Designs, Route Survey for High Tension Transmission Lines and Tower Spotting, Pipe Line Route Surveys, Survey of communities for the design and subsequent supply of pipe-borne water, electricity and drainage systems.