About Us

Joeamah Geomatics Consult Limited was established in July 1999 and is registered in Ghana (No. 85972) with the objectives of providing services in the fields of Land Surveying, Digital Mapping, Engineering Surveys, Geo-Information Production and Construction Supervision.

The company since its inception has been pursuing the best and fastest systems of geographical information production.

The company is endowed with young energetic and indefatigable professionals with over ten years experience in advance technologies in integrated map and geo-information production.

The company is being propelled in the direction of using the latest Information Technology to automate all its services.

Joeamah Geomatics Consult Limited can boast of having the latest state of the art Survey Equipment and Software Packages. The results of the above are:


  1. High Accuracy of Deliverables
  2. High Quality of Deliverables
  3. High Efficiency of Project Execution
  4. Faster Rate of Data Delivery to Clients
  5. High Quality Control Assurance
  6. Short Project Life and hence Less Project Cost

Fields of Operation: Joeamah Geomatics Consult Limited undertakes consultancy services for both the private and governmental sectors in the following fields:


  1. Cadastral Surveying and Mapping
  2. Photogrammetry ( including UAVs)
  3. Engineering Surveys
  4. Ground Control Survey using GPS
  5. Road Surveys
  6. Pipeline Surveys
  7. Hydrographic Surveys
  8. High Tension Power Line Surveys
  9. Construction Surveys